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Indianapolis Colts Still Won't Commit to Andrew Luck At No. 1

Everyone in the football universe knows that Stanford's Andrew Luck is headed to the Indianapolis Colts with the first pick in the NFL Draft - except for the Colts.

Even with having the first pick in the draft and no need to hide from anyone who they plan on choosing, the Colts just won't commit to saying they're picking Luck, instead choosing to say things like this tweet from Colts owner Jim Irsay.

"ColtsFans, roster reshaping exciting n producing a very physical MONSTER!Things have always pointed toward #12 but eval process is OpenMinded."

The assumption is that #12 is Luck, since Irsay was known to refer to Peyton Manning as #18.

But why the secrecy? Why not let the rest of the world rest easy and start making the selections behind the no. 1 pick more official because Luck is already out the way? The only explanation is that they honestly haven't made a decision between Luck and Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. It would still be shocking if Luck didn't go no. 1, but it looks like we won't know for sure until he finally hears his name called.