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The Most Important Sporting Event Of The Weekend: Bring Your Own Big Wheel 2012

The NHL regular season has come to an end, the baseball season has begun and the NBA season is winding down. There's also something going on involving old white men in Georgia. It's Easter weekend, sure, but there's a far more important event going on in San Francisco on Sunday: something much more vital and urgent than any sports or holiday rigmarole. That's right, faithful readers. I'm referring to the Bay Area's very own Bring Your Own Big Wheel race.

Yes, for a recommended $5 donation, you can show up with your very own Big Wheel (the beloved children's version of a sweet chopper, for those not in the know) and tear ass around the streets of San Francisco. I have literally never heard of a better way to spend an Easter Sunday.

The racers will converge at the corner of 20th and Vermont Street in San Francisco beginning at 3:00 p.m. PT. Show up and pedal your hearts out, everyone! Ride for glory! (Note: if anyone goes to this, please send personal accounts/video/pictures to us, or leave them in the comments. It's your duty as an awesome person.)

If you weren't already sold, here's a YouTube video of someone duffing it on a Big Wheel at the 2010 edition of the race.

For lots more information regarding Bring Your Own Big Wheel, or to register, check out the official website.

For wall to wall coverage of the Bring Your Own Big Wheel, please visit SB Nation's dedicated Big Wheel hub.