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NFL Draft 2012: Cal Linebacker Mychal Kendricks To Visit St. Louis Rams

California Golden Bears linebacker Mychal Kendricks will make a pre-draft visit to the St. Louis Rams in the coming week, according to reports. Kendricks has been projected for the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft and he has garnered plenty of interest after putting on a show in his workouts. The Rams have one of the first picks in the second round, so he may come off the board sooner rather than later on Day 2.

Kendricks was a standout linebacker at Cal throughout his career and scouts have been drooling over his potential to become a star at the next level. Here is what Mock Draft Club had to say about him:

Positives: Kendricks speed and athleticism that immediately leaps off the film. He has crazy sideline-to-sideline type range, and plays with a relentless motor. Flies around the field like a kid on a sugar high, and doesn't show any signs of wearing down as the game goes on. Agressive and fearless. Fights through blocks with tenacity. Doesn't give up on plays, and has the wheels to make tackles even when the play isn't ran at him. Strong, consistent tackler, making use of 240 pound frame and his strength to wrap up the ball carrier. Very strong defender against the run. Demonstrates tremendous instincts, awareness, and vision of what the offense is trying to do.

Sure seems like he has all the tools to make an NFL franchise very happy for years to come. We'll see where he ends up in a little more than three weeks.

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