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Mel Kiper Mock Draft 4.0: David DeCastro To Bengals, Jonathan Martin To Lions, Coby Fleener To Giants

Andrew Luck isn't the only top draft pick that could be picked from the Stanford Cardinal. Three other Stanford players could end up in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Two of Luck's protectors in offensive guard David DeCastro, and offensive tackle Jonathan Martin, plus his versatile tight end Coby Fleener.

Mel Kiper released his latest mock drafts (which you can view if you have an ESPN Insider account), and he has all three ending up in the first round of the NFL Draft along with Luck.

DeCastro goes to Cincinnati, a team that has had their eye on him for awhile.

We've seen interior lineman come off the board in similar spots over the last two years to great results, and DeCastro would be no exception. An immediate help to the run game, he's strong but agile and will help shore up a Bengals rushing attack that has to do more to create positive down and distance situations.

Martin ends up in Detroit to protect Matthew Stafford.

The Lions can't go wrong with either the best corner or tackle option here. In this scenario, Martin fits what they'll be looking for to bring the O-line up to par. An athletic tackle, he should develop into a great pass protector for Matthew Stafford. Jeff Backus has played forever, the Lions have enough pieces elsewhere and must target the line.

And Fleener goes to a team that needs a tight end.

The best tight end on the board, Fleener has the speed to be used off the line, where he can become a matchup problem and further diversify an already strong passing attack. Fleener has great hands, fantastic route-running ability and will become a big threat in the red zone. The Giants also need offensive line help, or could target a linebacker here, but Fleener fits.

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