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Big Sur Marathon Results 2012: Adam Roach Men's Winner, Nuta Olaru Women's

The 26th annual Big Sur International Marathon took place on Sunday. The 2012 edition was a 26-mile race stretching all the way along Highway One from Big Sur to Carmel. "Runner's World" magazine had named the Big Sur Marathon as the third best marathon in America for multiple years running, trailing only the Boston and New York marathons.

And it was an exciting finish on the men's side. Adam Roach had been trailing for most of the race, but then passed Chris Mocko with a great finishing stretch. Roach finished with an overall time of 2:50:08.

Nuta Olaru had a solid finish at the 2004 Summer Olympics, where she finished 13th overall. She topped herself at the Big Sur Marathon, finishing with a 2:50:08 time.

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