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NCAA Conference Expansion: San Jose State, Utah State Joining Mountain West

Conference realignment has shaken the college football world dramatically in recent years, seeing teams from all over the country switch conferences for more money, prestige or a greater challenge. According to various reports to come in over the weekend, the San Jose St. Spartans and Utah St. Aggies will shift to the Mountain West in the coming years.

SJSU currently plays their games in the Western Athletic Conference, where they have typically struggled in recent years.

We have a few more details on the move to the MWC after the jump...

Here is Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune:

Jones also speculates that the move could be official as early as a few days from now, although it could possibly take three weeks for everything to get completed. There is a ton of paperwork to be filled for teams to switch conferences, and the NCAA typically sticks their nose into the matter to ensure no illegal wrongdoings are performed.

More on the Mountain West realignment as it takes place in the coming days. I'm sure we'll hear plenty about the move.