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Big Sur Marathon 2012: Route Information, Course Map And More

The 26th annual Big Sur International Marathon will take place on Sunday. The 2012 edition, as in all previous years, will feature a 26-mile race that stretches along Highway One from Big Sur to Carmel. The official Big Sur International Marathon website has provided a helpful map of the marathon course.


The race runs south-to-north from a maintenance area 1K south of Pfeiffer State Park, along Highway One, to Rio Road in Carmel.

There will be a strict 6-hour time limit on the race, since traffic will be reopened on Highway One following the 6-hour time period set aside by the state for the marathon. From the website:

Because of safety concerns, if a participant has not reached Mile 22 by the 5 hour mark (5 ½ hour mark for the 21-Miler), he/she will not be allowed to proceed past that point.

For comprehensive information about the Big Sur International Marathon, you can head over to the official website.

For all news and information regarding the 2012 Big Sur Marathon, including results, please keep visiting this StoryStream.

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