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Urijah Faber's Mom Detains Burglar Using Pellet Gun

Former WEC Bantamweight Champion Urijah Faber is pretty much a notable (tiny) bad-ass, even by MMA standards. He became far and away the biggest star in the now-defunct WEC with a combination of a brutal and overpowering style, while looking like a character from the back of an early-1990s T&C Surf shirt. Whereas a lot of fighters get their intensity and guts from years of practice and trial by fire, it appears that in Faber's case ... it may be hereditary.

Tim Burke of Bloody Elbow reports that Faber's mom is pretty much a bad-ass, too. Behold:

Holy crap, dude. Of course, this is the pellet gun in question:


Suzanne Faber, we salute you. You can house-sit for us any time.

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