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Mike Mayock Mock Draft Has Andrew Luck To Colts, David DeCastro, Coby Fleener, Jonathan Martin First Rounders

The Stanford Cardinal are going to enjoy an impressive accomplishment tomorrow night when several of their players are projected to get picked in the first round overall. They have three to four players likely to get picked, with two of those players almost dead locks to stay there.

Mike Mayock of believes that four Stanford football players will be picked (check the link to see the video explanations from Mayock attached to each draft pick). Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts is being shooed in as the first pick overall to the Indianapolis Colts.

Not a whole lot of suspense with pick No. 1. Let's be patient in Indianapolis. This kid will be successful. I think it comes down to emotional toughness.

Then three more Cardinal are getting drafted later on. David Decastro ends up going next at the 21st overall pick to the Cincinnati Bengals.

I had Cincy go defense at No. 17, so now I'll have the Bengals address the offense. DeCastro is a plug-and-play guard. DeCastro significantly upgrades Cincinnati's athleticism at guard, as he is the best pulling guard in this year's draft.

Only a few picks later, there goes tight end Coby Fleener with the 26th overall pick to the Houston Texans.

Would I rather have the fourth-best wideout or the best tight end? Fleener's a vertical threat, and the Texans are a zone-run team, which will protect him in the running game. I think it's a great fit.

Finally, it's offensive tackle Jonathan Martin who wraps up opening day of the 2012 NFL Draft, ending up with the New York Giants.

What a great job general manager Jerry Reese does. The Giants are a "best athlete available" team. They could use a tackle, however, and Martin could play on either side of the line. He also allows the Giants to keep David Diehl inside.

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