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Mel Kiper Final Mock Draft Has Andrew Luck To Colts, David DeCastro To Chiefs, Coby Fleener To Texans

Mel Kiper released his latest mock (click here to view the entire draft if you have an ESPN Insider account), and three Stanford football players in the first round.

Quarterback Andrew Luck is going to the Indianapolis Colts with the first overall pick. Open and shut case here.

This we've known since the Colts wrapped up the NFL's worst record. I think where we're all really intrigued is what the Colts decide to do at No. 34. Do they go with an offensive piece (WR, TE) to help Luck, or do they try to shore up a defense that has huge needs in a couple spots? I think right now I'd be more inclined to help my young QB, but we'll have to see how the value falls.

Offensive guard David DeCastro has long been considered the second best talent in the draft, and he goes with the eleventh pick to the Kansas City Chiefs.

I have guard down as a top need for the Chiefs, and DeCastro will fix that problem immediately. This is as elite as you'll get from this position. He's the best guard prospect since Steve Hutchinson, and is the kind of player who improves your running game overnight. Not a tough call.

It's not offensive tackle Jonathan Martin who ends up being the final of the three picks. But tight end Coby Fleener

The Texans now have a void at tight end, and Fleener is the best one in the class. Houston's offense really needs an effective tight end, but not just in an underneath role. Fleener is a great one because he has the size and quickness to work underneath against linebackers, but also the straight-line speed of a receiver to stretch the field in the seam and on the edges. I like the fit.

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