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Alistair Overeem Suspension Upheld By NSAC

Alistair Overeem recently failed a drug test for elevated testosterone levels, which cost him his title fight against Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146. It also meant that there was a shuffling of the card, as Frank Mir will now get the main-event title shot and former Mir opponent, San Jose fight and Salinas native Cain Velasquez will be fighting against Antonio Silva.

On Tuesday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission held their official hearing on the Overeem case and made their ruling. Brent Brookhouse of Bloody Elbow reported on the hearing live on Tuesday.

Overeem tested positive for 14:1 (as we knew). Overeem tried to flee the building at time of random test, jumped into a car and sped off despite being told that he had to stay to give a sample. Claims he "didn't realize" he needed to stick around and was going to an interview, then changed story that he was going to talk about his battery case, then changed story again that he was going to try to avoid Golden Glory serving him papers. UFC says they made it entirely clear that he needed to stick around.

Overeem's lawyers requested a continuance, which was denied by the commission. They did not feel a strong enough case was made to allow a conditional license, so their final judgment was that Overeem's license would remain suspended.

Overeem will be allowed to re-apply for a new license in nine months (roughly the end of December). That nine month period insists that the fighter not apply for a license anywhere else during that time. We will find out what is in store for him after that re-application.

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