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NFL Draft 2012: Andrew Luck Era Set To Begin In Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Colts and their fans spent the last 15 years watching Peyton Manning tear defenses to shreds and break some of the most historic records in NFL history. Now armed with the first pick at the 2012 NFL Draft, the Colts will select Andrew Luck, who many believe is the best college quarterback prospect to come out since Manning in the late 1990s.

It almost seems unfair, doesn't it? For a franchise that won very little leading up to the 2000 season, their decade of dominance has a great chance to be continued with Luck at the helm. He is everything you hope for in a quarterback and a No. 1 overall pick; while never cocky, he always remains confident in himself and his teammates on the field. His arm strength is remarkable and he showed he is capable of making every required throw at Stanford while running a pro-style offense.

Yes, there will be growing pains at times. The Colts could very well end up with the worst record once again next season and be in a similar position at the 2013 Draft, but at least they will have their quarterback of the future. You would be hard pressed to find a scout that doesn't absolutely love Luck's game. And even if they do find a chink or two in his armor, they're likely nitpicking at that point.

On Thursday night, Andrew Luck will officially become a Colt, taking over for arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. Get ready, football world. You couldn't write something this good.

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