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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck Should Be Picked In That Order, According To Greg Cosell

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is already a shoo-in to be the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Indianapolis Colts have pretty much all but confirmed that they will take Luck with their pick and make him their quarterback of the future.

The question is will the Colts be in better hands with Luck, or taking the other potential franchise quarterback in Robert Griffin III from Baylor? Greg Cosell of has been watching both of these quarterbacks on tape, and RGIII is the guy he thinks the Colts should take.

1. Indianapolis (I know they are taking Andrew Luck but that’s not important for this exercise): My highest rated quarterback is Robert Griffin III. Projecting college quarterbacks to the NFL demands an understanding of the attributes needed to play on Sunday. I presented those earlier this week. My conclusion: Griffin is a superior arm talent and better natural passer than Luck. This debate will rage for a long time, but that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Cosell seems to think that the Washington Redskins are the more natural fit for Luck's talents.

2. Washington: There are similarities between the offense Mike and Kyle Shanahan run, and the Houston Texans offense of Gary Kubiak. Andrew Luck fits very well into that scheme. He’s a bigger, more physical and more talented Matt Schaub, with the same kind of short to intermediate passing efficiency and more athleticism to get outside the pocket on designed rollouts. Luck would be outstanding in that offense.

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