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Oakland Raiders Owner, Mark Davis, Wants to Keep the Team in Oakland

The Oakland Raiders have been in need of a new stadium for quite some time now. Coupled with the fact that there has been a major push in recent years to bring an NFL team back to Los Angeles, there has been much speculation about whether the Raiders could return to LA. In fact, there have been reports that Davis recently attended a Los Angeles Clippers game with Ed Roski, one of the men working hardest to try and get a team to LA. Now, with the 49ers breaking ground on their new stadium, the pressure is on Davis more than ever, to find a way to get the Raiders in a new stadium, but the question remains the same. Where will the stadium be located?

Well, Oakland Raiders fans will be happy to learn that Mark Davis has stated that his preference is for the Raiders to stay in Oakland. In fact, Davis claims that the rumors about his attending a Clippers game with Ed Roski were not true. Davis went on to comment that the Raiders are in need of a new, football only stadium. Currently the Raider share the Oakland Coliseum with the Oakland A's, and as a result, still play their early season games on a dirt infield in Oakland.

While it may be Davis' preference for the Raiders to stay in Oakland, this is no guarantee. Davis clearly wants a new stadium and would likely be willing to move the team if there were no realistic options in Oakland. Besides a move to Los Angeles, the Raiders could also consider attempting to get in on the new 49er stadium in Santa Clara. However, the Raiders denied attempts by the Niners to get them involved early on, and now that the funding has been figured out for the most part, it may be much harder for the Raiders to get in on the new stadium.

Whatever the truth is about the Raiders future home, one thing is for sure, Davis intends on getting the Raiders into a new stadium in the relatively near future.