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UFC 145 Results: How Much Of A Chance Does Dan Henderson Have Against Jon Jones?

UFC 145: Jones Vs. Evans was, by some accounts, an underwhelming event when it was all said and done. That isn't to say that there wasn't plenty to be impressed with on the night, from Michael McDonald's knockout of Miguel Torres to the insane defensive striking of Jon Jones, the night definitely had its high points.

As is the usual case for the numbered cards with title fights at the top, the biggest takeaway in regards to news is always who is going to have the next shot at said title, and UFC 145 delivered in this vein just fine with the news confirmed by Dana White: Dan Henderson will get the next shot at the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

Really, the thought of Henderson getting the next shot is a little scary. Sure, he hasn't slowed down at all in his old age, but Jones is a mauler with a killer instinct, and perhaps it's just this writer's bias, but the MMA world doesn't need to see "Hendo" lose like that.

That being said, what are the chances Henderson pulls out the win? It might be surprising to you - but they're actually pretty decent. Henderson has the strongest right hand in the game - anybody who gets cracked with it has a very good chance of getting put down and waking up with a doctor standing over them. How Mauricio Rua didn't get knocked out in his fight against Henderson is anybody's guess, but for the most part, that right hand will put you down.

And it just so happens that Jones has been hit quite a few times in his most recent fights. Sure, some judges are poor and actually gave Jones the first round against Lyoto Machida, but everyone out there saw Machida tag Jones and get him backpedaling, taking that first round with a huge statement. And everyone saw Rashad Evans come out and stumble Jones four or five times over the course of five rounds in their fight.

Of course, Jones went on to choke out Machida like he was a school child and elbow/kick/knee Rashad a couple hundred times, but you know.

The point is that Jones has holes in his striking, and Henderson only needs to land once. It would not be shocking to see Henderson land that right hand, no matter how telegraphed it happens to be. Most will tell you this fight is likely to end with the much bigger Jones smothering Henderson and pummeling him close or choking him out, but it's compelling because of that right hand, and, really, you'd be a fool not to tune in.