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Muhammed 'King Mo' Lawal Considering A Future In Professional Wrestling

Muhammed Lawal, better known as "King Mo," has had a turbulent week, to say the least. He was suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for failing a post-fight drug test on Tuesday. He only made matters worse by making a personal attack on the head of the NSAC and was released by Stikeforce parent company Zuffa as a result of his actions.

Now Lawal is both looking to the future and attempting to mend bridges. In addition to apologizing to the NSAC, Kid Nate at Bloody Elbow reports that Lawal is considering a potential move to professional wrestling. As originally reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer:

Lawal immediately expressed interest in going to WWE. He's had interest in the past. He was recruited years ago by Gerald Brisco, and at the time said he would be interested in going in 2008 because he first wanted to go to the Olympics. However, he lost in overtime in the finals at the Olympic trials. He had interest in both WWE and MMA after the Olympics but made the call to do MMA, feeling he could always do WWE after a few years of MMA, but couldn't do it in the other direction.

Given his personality, Lawal seems like a natural fit for pro wrestling, but it remains to be seen whether there would still be interest from the WWE.

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