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Andrew Luck Answers Questions About Arm Strength

Even as the seemingly consensus no. 1 overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck still had to deal with his own perceived flaws during the draft process. One of them was his arm strength.

Those questions have been put to rest according to the people Peter King spoke with prior to this week's edition of Monday Morning Quarterback after Luck threw into a 15 mph wind on Stanford's campus during a March 21 workout.

"Never seen that before," said one veteran club official who was on the field at Stanford for the workout to King. "But I think he wanted to show everybody who had any question about his arm that they shouldn't. The great thing was, his last throw of the day, into the wind, was a go with the ball snapped from his own 30. He dropped back and released it around his 24. That ball went all the way to the goal line, about 75 yards in the air. Perfect spiral. He hit the receiver in stride, and he dropped it. And someone said, ‘That's saying take that to Phil Simms'. You know, because Simms said he didn't have a great arm."

Simms' actual words were that he hadn't seen "big-time NFL throws ... and not a tremendous amount of power" but who's keeping count? At least Luck can feel comfortable in knowing that going into the draft, those around him see him as he sees himself and that's always a good thing.

Now, all he needs to do is make sure his suit selection that doesn't end up on a Top 10 worst decisions list on ESPN down the road.

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