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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Andrew Luck To Colts, David DeCastro To Chiefs, Jonathan Martin To Bears

The Stanford Cardinal could have as many as four first round draft picks in the 2012 NFL Draft.

DraftTek released their latest mock, and they have the Colts taking Luck with the number one overall pick. Surprise, surprise! Check out these posts from Luck here (Part I, Part II, Part III).

For those wanting to see Andrew Luck with a knowledgeable QB coach, look no further than the recent episode of Jon Gruden's Camp, featuring Luck. Luck discusses the tensile strength of iron as opposed to the compressive strength of concrete. Oh, and X's and O's too. The latter, for him, is like talking about cutting grass. It's almost that simple for him. Fortunately for Indianapolis, they'll be first in line to grab him on April 26th.

The Chiefs ended up taking a road grader in the offensive guard DeCastro.

Will Scott Pioli trade up for Ryan Tannehill? He may, but it would be very much out of character. The Chiefs should take David DeCastro. He is by far the best player available and the best Guard prospect since Steve Hutchinson. He will lock down an offensive line spot for ten plus years, more than likely at a multiple Pro Bowl level. When the floor for a player is a few Pro Bowls, you don't walk, you run that card to the podium!

The Bears try to find another pass protector for Jay Cutler by picking offensive tackle Jonathan Martin with the 19th overall pick.

At 6'5, 315, Martin is the kind of "road grader" teams look for to anchor the left side of the line. A consistent performer (2-time All-Pac12), Martin is the rare line prospect who excels as a blocker in both the passing and running games. He is quick out of his stance, and shows excellent balance and lateral movement to mirror defenders and maintain the pocket. Chicago would be foolish to commit to a 7th round sieve like Webb with a talent like Martin on the board.

Coby Fleener also gets picked in this mock. By the 49ers. Again.

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You can learn how to subscribe to the NFL Draft YouTube channel from SB Nation by checking out the videos below.