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Bay To Breakers 2012: New Social Media Options At This Year's Race

San Francisco's 2012 Bay to Breakers race is fast approaching. The annual event features runners of all experience levels coming together to run from one end of the city to the other. While some participants take the opportunity to partake in a party atmosphere, plenty of runners take the event very seriously.

This year, the race is going high-tech and implementing some nifty social media features that will allow you the timeliest bragging right possible. From the latest newsletter:

ZB2B will be enhancing the 2012 race experience through a number of technological advancements. Participants will have the option to have their time from the Hayes St. Hill and from the Finish Line auto-posted to their Facebook walls. In addition to the Facebook posting, participants with smart phones will be able to scan a unique QR code on the back of the bib taking them directly to their results page right after the race! We will be sending a separate email to offer the Facebook posting option. Join us for our most tech-friendly race ever! Register here

As always, you can find lots more information at the official Zazzle Bay to Breakers website. You can find SB Nation's coverage of the 2011 Bay to Breakers event by clicking here.

For all news and information about Bay to Breakers, please stay tuned to updates in this StoryStream. Also please feel free to visit SB Nation's running blog, Stride Nation.

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