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NBA Power Rankings 2012: Warriors, Kings Still In Bottom Third Of The League

Three different sets of NBA Power Rankings and each one ranks the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings in back-to-back spots. The actual ranking might change, but the Warriors and Kings' subpar seasons are seemingly tied at the hip.

SB Nation ranks the Warriors at no. 25 after a 1-4 week. They also point out how the Warriors need the teams below them to finish stronger so they can get more balls in the draft lottery.

Sportsline ranks the Warriors at no. 24 and just had this to say: "Just tank, baby."

ESPN ranks the Warriors at no. 22 and still can't believe that the same group of fans that cheered on the memorable 'We Believe' campaign in 2007 just booed their owner during Chris Mullin's jersey retirement ceremony. But yep, those were the same fans.

SB Nation ranks the Kings at no. 26 after a 1-2 week. Seriousness has been thrown away. Seriously. Check for yourself.

Sportsline ranks the Kings at no. 23 and gives an analogy that makes plenty of sense. But the ending is where the truth lies. This is a dangerous team to play right now.

ESPN ranks the Kings at no. 23. Rookie point guard Isaiah Thomas has taken all the glimmer from Jimmer this season. For every great moment by Thomas, there is more of a reminder of how much of a disappointment Fredette's rookie season has been.