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2012 NFL Draft: Oakland Raiders Receive 3rd, 4th, 5th Round Compensatory Picks

It's not a bad day at all to be an Oakland Raiders fan. They're going to get more young players to draft, and they won't have to wait until the fifth round anymore!

Oakland ended up with three more picks from the compensatory rounds. The Raiders will receive the 95th pick from the third round, the 129th pick from the fourth round, and the 168th pick from the fifth round. The third round pick is now the first pick the Raiders have in this year's draft, as opposed to the fifth round pick the Raiders originally possessed. The Raiders also have a sixth rounder.

That is better than their counterparts the 49ers, who received no draft picks at all. On the other hand, San Francisco already has a full draft board available to them, so it's not like they ever needed any compensatory picks like Oakland did.

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