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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Andrew Luck Still Awaiting Word From The Colts

The 2012 NFL Draft is now a mere month away, and it is safe to say Andrew Luck is all but assured of being the number one overall pick. Crazy things can happen, but given the context of his college career and his strong performance in the months leading up to the draft, anybody other than Andrew Luck at the number one pick would be a huge upset.

Naturally, current mock drafts continue to project Luck in the top spot. SB Nation released their latest NFL Mock Draft and addressed the point of how a short attention span makes it so easy to forget how good Luck is. Robert Griffin III put together a fantastic 2011 season and has been lights out in the draft process, but Luck has matched him step for step the last three months. SB Nation's Colts blog agrees that Luck remains the pick as they selected him first overall in the 2012 SB Nation blogger mock draft.

Andrew Luck made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show and indicated he had not received word yet that he would be selected first overall. As Michael David Smith indicated in the post, it is likely just a matter of time before this is made a bit more official. The contract negotiation will not be a significant issue given the rookie salary cap, but I would imagine Indianapolis would like to get their top pick signed, sealed and delivered.