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Jeremy Lin Highlights Vs. Sixers Exhibit Resilient, Clutch 4th Quarter Play

Jeremy Lin has had his ups and downs with the New York Knicks the past few weeks. When the team was playing to its potential, he was on top of the world. When the Knicks struggled, Lin didn't bear the brunt of the ire, but there was plenty of discontent everywhere because his play was erratic, often counterproductive.

Yesterday was just as much a rollercoaster. Here are the highlights of Lin, where he put up 18 points, three assists, and five rebounds, a steal and a block. However, the stats weren't quite as important as was his ability to overcome poor early play and put up a strong finishing performance.

Lin only made one of his first 11 shots through the first three quarters, but nailed three of his final six shots in the fourth, none of them easy baskets. Lin had to get a floater over a contested Sixer defender, he had to pump fake and switch his original layup to a slight tear drop, then went behind the back and had to switch hands to get his final field goal. He also got a solid block on defense and nailed all ten of his free throws, many of them coming in the fourth quarter.

If Lin can be this resilient whenever he's performing poorly, the Knicks should be fine, and so should Jeremy.

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