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Jeremy Lin Highlights Against Raptors Have A Sense Of Normalcy

Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks have had a lot of issues lately, but they've gotten off to the right start in the Mike Woodson era. And the Palo Alto star seems to be thriving in a more controlled environment.

Here's the video highlights of Lin against the Toronto Raptors.

(via geraldd39)

Lin has done a good job of distributing the basketball, but here he looks more assuredly in control in distributing the basketball. He doesn't really overwork his defenders, but works the ball around to the three-point shooter (like Carmelo Anthony or Steve Novak) or makes nice baskets on the move to get the ball to a player (like Amare Stoudemire or Tyson Chandler) whose defender is out of position. Lin is starting to let the game come to him rather than trying to force the game too hard, and it's paying off with more polished performances that have improved the Knicks as a whole.

More importantly for the overall success of the Knicks, Anthony has looked a lot stronger working off of Lin. Anthony assists Lin on several of his baskets, driving to the basket and kicking it out for some wide-open threes. The offense does seem to be working a lot better with Anthony and Lin working in concert.

If the Knicks defense can also continue its upward improvement under Woodson, then New York can become quite a dangerous team come playoff time.

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