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NBA Power Rankings 2012: ESPN Drops Warriors, Kings Move Up

Well, at least he was a little more positive.

After SB Nation's NBA Power Rankings were released and dissected, we turned our attention to ESPN's Marc Stein and his Power Rankings. And, at least in the case of the Sacramento Kings, has a more positive outlook on where the Kings and the Golden State Warriors currently stand in conjunction with the rest of the league.

The Warriors sit at no. 23, four spots below where they were last week. And as if Dubs owner Joe Lacob wasn't going through enough already, as a precursor to the Chris Mullin retirement ceremony debacle, Stein quoted Lacob saying that the Dubs trading for Andrew Bogut was "the transcendent deal that's going to change everything." He even likened it to Kevin Garnett's arrival in Boston. Yep, he said that. Can't make this stuff up.

The Kings moved up two spots to no. 24. Stein shouted out Jason Thompson, Isaiah Thomas and Marcus Thornton as the highlights during the Kings' recent play. But he couldn't hold back the urge to drop Mayor Kevin Johnson's name, since, well, Stein likes to do that.