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2012 NFL Mock Draft: New York Giants Select Mychal Kendricks

Not many people were thinking that Cal linebacker Mychal Kendricks would be a first round draft pick a few months ago, but now the Pac-12 defensive player of the year is soaring up draft boards after an outstanding performance at the combine. Kendricks could have the potential to be a great linebacker at the next level, particularly at the coveted middle linebacker position with his versatility, speed and athleticism. He can cover, rush the quarterback, and tackle in the open field, all very useful skills.

DraftTek has him going late in the first round, 32nd overall to the New York Giants.

Tough decision here for the Giants. While the team desperately needs a MLB, Mychal Kendricks is a reach at 32. I don't believe that the front office sees Blackburn or Jones as the long term solution. Goff is still a FA - the Giants aren't chomping at the bit to resign him. Barring a trade up, Kendricks - Pac-12 DPOY - in Rd 1 may be the only chance the Giants have at an impact MLB. The Giants have whiffed at MLB selections in the middle rounds; 2012 might see a chance in policy. ~ Bill Bliss

Hard to believe coming off another dominant playoff run to another championship, but the Giants could use some upgrading in the middle of their defense if they can get it. Kendricks could be a crucial fill-in.

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