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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Andrew Luck To Colts, David DeCastro To Cardinals, Jonathan Martin To Bears

The Stanford Cardinal are very likely to have three draft picks in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Ryan Van Bibber has released his latest mock draft for SB Nation, and surprise, surprise Andrew Luck is at first.

What else is left to say about this pick? No pressure, kid.

The big question is who comes next: David DeCastro, the incredible offensive guard, or Jonathan Martin, the solid offensive tackle?

Mock drafts are starting to lean DeCastro's way because, well, DeCastro is one of a kind. Martin is an offensive tackle, and a pretty good one, but he's not as dominant a wrecking ball as DeCastro is on the inside, who powered up the Stanford run game the last two seasons despite the Cardinal possessing only average to mediocre running backs.

In this draft, DeCastro goes to Arizona at 13.

The Cardinals signed two offensive linemen in free agency, bringing back Levi Brown and adding Adam Snyder. Neither are very good. Drafting DeCastro gives them a blue chip protector who should be a yearly contender for the league's best guard.

Martin ends up with Chicago at 19.

Chicago stunned the world and mock drafters alike when they sent a pair of third-round picks to the Dolphins for Brandon Marshall. It reunites Jay Cutler with a receiver he knows well. Now they have to think about keeping Cutler upright. Martin may not slip this far in the draft, but the way things have played out in free agency takes some of the teams more desperate for tackle help out of the mix.

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