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NBA Power Rankings: Warriors And Kings Both Faltering

The Golden State Warriors are starting to mirror the Sacramento Kings and that's not a good thing.

The Kings have been among the worst teams in the league for most of the season but the Warriors always seemed to be right on the edge of joining the middle of the road teams and leaving the depths of the NBA Power Rankings to the likes of the Kings.

But the Warriors are there now and it might get worse.

At 18-24, SB Nation's Tom Ziller could only joke that Warriors fans have the Nate Robinson-David Lee pick and roll to look forward to. Monta Ellis is gone and both Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut are injured. Good times in Oakland.

Meanwhile, the Kings sit at no. 27 in Ziller's rankings. The Kings are a continual mystery. A roster loaded with talent but the inconsistency is borderline clinical. Their week included losses to the Warriors and Detroit Pistons and a big win over the Boston Celtics by 25. Yep, nobody gets it.