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NBA Trades 2012: Warriors Land Richard Jefferson, T.J. Ford, And First Round Draft Pick

The Golden State Warriors seem to be taking on assets to try and save their draft pick, as they keep on winning basketball games that they probably would be better off losing if they don't want to lose the pick to the Utah Jazz. If Golden State doesn't end up with one of the top seven picks in the draft, Utah will end up with it.

Getting another pick from the San Antonio Spurs would be very useful. The Warriors have more on the deal.

The Golden State Warriors have acquired forward Richard Jefferson, guard T.J. Ford and a 2012 First Round draft pick from the San Antonio Spurs in exchange for forward Stephen Jackson, the team announced today. The conditional draft pick will be lottery protected (1-14) in 2012 and in the subsequent two years (2013 and 2014) if not conveyed in this June’s draft.

Jefferson will provide Golden State with more flexibility at the three. Golden State takes on Ford, a guard who is already retiring, so he's just someone being thrown into the trade. The big thing is the draft pick, which is what Golden State needs to start rebuilding and recreating the team into a contender.

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