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NBA Trade Deadline 2012: Stephen Jackson, Richard Jefferson Deal Possible, According To Report

As the newst old Golden State Warrior returns to his former stomping ground for his first game on Friday, Stephen Jackson wonders to CSN Bay Area's Matt Steinmetz how fans will take to him in his return to the Bay:

Elsewhere though, likely behind closed doors, deals are being discussed that may have Jackson never coming back to the Warriors at all, as repoted by ESPN's Ric Bucher on Twitter:

That's right, Jackson may have found himself on the trade block for the second time this week if what Bucher says is true, not exactly a vote of confidence in good old Captain Jack. Plus, Richard Jefferson could fit right into Mark Jackson's defensive-minded system and be a veteran voice of reason in the locker room, essentially another role player in a sea of role players in Oakland.

Or they can hang on to Jackson, who likes to get technical fouls 'because he wants to.'

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