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NCAA Bracket Predictions 2012: Wichita State To Win South Regional

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Round of 64

#1 Kentucky vs. #16 Western Kentucky: Great comeback by WKU on Tuesday! I'm guessing they could pull off a similar 20-point run and do the same on Thursday, when they're trailing by 50 to Kentucky.

#8 Iowa State vs. #9 Connecticut: Everyone's already pencilling in UConn to the second round, but Iowa State seems like the exact type of team that can cause the Huskies trouble. Iowa State is the better rebounding team, an effective shooting squad, and can rain down threes like no other on a pretty poor Cyclones defense. Iowa State should advance and eliminate one of the most inconsistent squads in the entire Dance.

#5 Wichita State vs. #12 VCU: VCU had a miracle run last year, but it's likely that Wichita State eats their lunch here; they're deeper, stronger, and hold onto the basketball (the Rams's biggest strength is their turnovers). Not seeing a VCU upset here.

#4 Indiana vs. #13 New Mexico State: If New Mexico State hit threes you could consider an upset here, but they're awful at them. Indiana should be able to use their offense to mow down NMSU.

#6 UNLV vs. #11 Colorado: UNLV is pretty much a better version of Colorado, only UNLV is good on offense.

#3 Baylor vs. #14 South Dakota State: SDSU has been this successful due to their offensive prowess. But Baylor is better at it than South Dakota State.

#7 Notre Dame vs. #10 Xavier: Virtually identical teams. But Xavier is slightly better at rebounding and shooting free throws, which could give them the edge.

#2 Duke vs. #15 Lehigh: Need a reason to get Duke tears: Looks like Michigan State had trouble with them. Not enough reason to not pick them though.

Round of 32

#1 Kentucky vs. #8 Iowa State: Iowa State has a two point defense that can easily be covered up. Kentucky should roll to the Sweet 16.

#4 Indiana vs. #5 Wichita State: Wichita State is a complete team. Indiana is solid offensively, but they sometimes have defensive lapses.

#3 Baylor vs. #6 UNLV: Baylor is exactly the type of team that UNLV is capable of upsetting in getting to the Sweet 16. But UNLV is too inconsistent to win two games in three nights. Baylor moves on.

#10 Xavier vs. #2 Duke: The more offensively efficient Duke cruises to the second weekend.

Sweet 16

#1 Kentucky vs. #5 Wichita State: If Kentucky is to go down, Wichita State is the perfect team to beat them. Great experience at every position, solid efficiency, and just a team that does everything right. The Kentucky youth movement has fallen every season to a seasoned squad. Wichita State scores the upset.

#3 Baylor vs. #2 Duke: Baylor must be pretty tired of seeing Duke. Time for revenge! Baylor rocks on.

Elite 8

#3 Baylor vs. #5 Wichita State: Wichita State's experience will be the difference for them scoring their first ever visit to the Final Four.

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