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Andrew Bogut Ankle Injury: Warriors Center To Be Evaluated

The Golden State Warriors have parted ways with Monta Ellis and now have to figure out if Andrew Bogut will be ready to play for them after their five player trade. Bogut was brought in to try and build up a defensive presence for the Warriors, a team that has always been skilled offensively but hemorrhages points.

Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports reports that Bogut's ankle injury might still be a lingering issue.

It'll be very interesting to see whether Bogut is healthy to play the remainder of the season. The center is definitely needed on a Golden State team now deprived of depth, and his presence could shore up the paint for the remainder of the team.

However, Bogut has always struggled with injury issues, and it might always be a problem for him whenever he comes back. Don't expect him to be ready quite yet.

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