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Monta Ellis Trade: Move To The Bucks 'Not A Bad Thing At All' [VIDEO]

The Golden State Warriors have won three in a row as they host the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night at Oracle Arena, but now without guard Monta Ellis, the W's have a lot more pressure on the shoulders of their role players to step up and score some points.

As for Monta, who's been with the Warriors his entire seve year career, it's certainly are some mixed emotions with this move to the Milwaukee Bucks after having less than a successful outing out in the Bay Area playoff-wise. Here Monta speaks with the media essentially right after finding out that he had been traded, changing out of his shoot around gear and back into his street clothes as he departs his former team. Has some intersting things to say, and looks surprisingly happy to be leaving his current situation:

Monta won't be gone too long before he has to play his former team, returning to Oracle Arena on Friday night as part of the Milwaukee Bucks.

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