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Jeremy Lin Can't Win With Amare Stoudemire And Carmelo Anthony Struggling, Knicks Fall To Bulls

Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks is starting to settle down with his turnover problems. The former Palo Alto star had a decent game even if he continues to struggle to find the shot. Lin shot 4-11 from the field, but did hit all six of his free throws, finished with 15 points and managed to dish eight assists, grab three steals and even swat three blocks. Not too bad against Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls defense.

The biggest issue continues to be his teammates, who are stuck in eternal struggle. Amare Stoudemire had 20 points but put up only three rebounds. Carmelo Anthony was better defensively (eight boards) but shot 8-21. The big two All-Stars for the Knicks continue to struggle, and the defense seems to suffer everytime they're on the floor. Chicago had 22 offensive rebounds, leading to 13 more field goal attempts and more opportunities to win.

Lin can't really start performing at his best until Stoudemire and Anthony learn how to play with him.

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