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Bracketology 2012: Cal Bears Fall In Pac-12 Tournament, Drop To No. 11 Seed

The California Golden Bears are not really a bubble team at this point in the season -- many of the computer systems love this team and they have proven themselves against tough competition -- but a regular season finale loss to Stanford and loss to Colorado in the Pac-12 Tournament has likely dropped their seeding somewhat. Just how far did they drop?

According to both Joe Lunardi of ESPN and Chris Dobbertean of SB Nation, they have the Bears as a No. 11 seed in the first round. According to Lunardi, California would face UNLV, while Dobbertean has them facing the Memphis Tigers.

Again, there is very little chance that the Bears are left out of the 2012 NCAA Tournament and the team could still make a run, but losing two of their last three games to mediocre teams has not helped their resumé at all.

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