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Jeremy Lin Discussed By Barack Obama On Bill Simmons Podcast [VIDEO]

President Barack Obama is in an election year, and he seems so confident in his chances in victory that he's doing interviews with the Sports Guy on his podcast (hell, he even said the Chicago Bulls would be welcomed into the White House as the NBA Champions). Or maybe he just had to comment on Linsanity before he fell behind the times

After the jump, a video, plus a transcript on how the Warriors missed on Lin.

Lin seemed to be no surprise to Obama because of his Harvard connections, and he was wondering how the Golden State Warriors could have missed on Lin's skills, particularly on the offensive end of the floor. Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News reports.

“And what’s interesting is the fact that somehow folks were missing it in practice,” Obama said of Lin’s rookie year with the Warriors. “I mean, that’s what’s interesting. Because you got to assume that during scrimmages he was running that pick-and-roll pretty well. ”

Hey, Mr. President, don’t you read my blog between Middle East briefings? OK, maybe you only cruise through to the comments section, I understand.

The point: The Warriors didn’t run the pick-and-roll last season, not in games, not in practice–they should’ve, but they didn’t.

So there was little chance for Lin to show off what he does best, which is read a spread-out defense, exploit open lanes, and either finish strong or make passes to cutting big men.

If you remember anything about those Warriors teams, they really struggled running simple set offense. Add in the fact Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis had the nod in playing time, and it would have been very hard for Lin to emerge in the Bay Area.

B.S. Report: President Obama on Jeremy Lin and the Bulls (via GrantlandNetwork)

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