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SB Nation YouTube Channel Launches With Bomani Jones And Marlins' Logan Morrison & Bryan Petersen

It's finally here boys and girls, the SB Nation YouTube Channel has officially landed, and we're offering up some piping hot servings of fresh video for all of you to enjoy!

Make the jump to see what's on the opening menu.

First up we have the initial installment of Bomani & Jones, Bomani Jones' weekly video series. In this episode, Bomani tackles some tough issues like Ryan Bruan's steroid case, and the possibility of televising player interviews at the NFL Combine in the near future, along with the possible pitfalls that may entail.

We also have the first episode of The Petey and Lomo Show up and ready for action. Here we follow the lives and times of Miami Marlins outfielders Logan Morrison and Bryan Petersen down in South Florida as they try to keep themselves entertained while stuck in the doldrums of Spring Training off the field.

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