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Jeremy Lin's Tomahawk Slam, Video Highlights Against Washington Wizards

The New York Knicks have found themselves something special in point guard Jeremy Lin. Well, at least they have for the past few days anyway.

Lin continues to impress after dropping his third-straight 20-point game against the Washington Wizards Wednesday night, highlighted by his mid-court crossover of the Wizards' John Wall to uncontested tomahawk slam in the third quarter.

But I digress, let's take a look at some of the highlights shall we?

First we have Lin making a nice bank shot from the left side, almost looking a little Monta Ellis-ish in the process. He may have learned this from him during his time with the Golden State Warriors, who knows. Either way it's nice to look at:

Jeremy Lin The Bank is Open Knicks vs Wizards (via doko0218)

Next we have Lin making a nice move to the basket from the top of the key, showing a little hesitation handle to open up a lane to the basket:

Jeremy Lin's Nice Move Knicks vs Wizards (via doko0218)

Oh, you wanted to see that dunk, huh? OK, here you go!

Jeremy Lin crosses over John Wall, dunks on Wizards (via RocketsRed)

How long can he keep this up? Nobody knows, not even Lin.

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