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Tiger Woods At Pebble Beach: Woods Speaks

Tiger Woods is back and all that means is that all questions will be directed in his direction from this point forward. Just joking (not really).

With Woods preparing to play in his first PGA Tour event of the year at Pebble Beach, he answered a few questions at a press conference today, providing some insight into where he feels he stands as of now. Seems to be in a good mood. Always a good sign when you have to do as much walking as he's about to (golf joke, you can laugh, it's ok).

This was taken from the San Jose Mercury News.

Question: You haven't had a victory in a while, do you feel pressure about that?

"Not really, I feel very at peace with where I'm at. I had to make some changes and that took time and I'm starting to see the results of that now, which is great.

My last four events I've really played well. I'm just holding on that. Everything's headed in the right direction."

Question: Any signs you're not 22 any more?

"Yeah, there's no doubt. It is what it is.

I don't recover quite as well. I know that I'm sore quite often, just about every day when I'm playing with my kids. They're not very tall yet, and bending down there and building things, coloring, all those different things, that's pretty low to the ground...

And I do get sore. I don't remember ever being like that.

But there's also ways of training. I understand training way better now than I did then. Wearing myself out for no reason at all. Just have to train smarter, practice smarter. Just more knowledge, really."

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