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Jeremy Lin Shines Outside The Bay Area

Where is this coming from?

How is this castoff from the Golden State Warriors, the hero of Palo Alto basketball, the man who led Harvard back to prominence, turning into the next incarnation of John Starks for the New York Knicks? How's he outplaying seasoned NBA point guards and putting up 25 and 28 points in two straight games after barely able to getting

Who knows, but we could have a sporting phenomenon in the making in Madison Square Garden.

(via TaiwaneseNOTChinese)

Jeremy Lin scored 76 points in one season with the Golden State Warriors. He's on pace to break that mark in three games after putting up 53 points in two games. He's gone from bench scrub to shining star in the Big Apple, and a few more performances like this could send him on the path to international stardom.

Lin isn't really an elite athlete, but he's crafty enough to get his way on the court. Lin generally lulls defenders to sleep with a solid handle to keep defenses from totally committing to stopping him, then Lin finds the hole in the defense to attack and finish. If he can't find a position on the court, Lin will dish it to someone else for a wide open shot or get the ball back to reestablish the handle. He's an extremely smart basketball player in a league that could use more of them.


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You can see from the highlights above how good Lin is. He always has his nose around the ball, he distributes the wealth, and he makes the right passes at the right time. This guy looks like the best point guard on the Knicks (not saying much), and is perfectly fit for Mike D'Antoni's system.

And Warriors fans just have to be wondering why they gave up on this guy in the first place.

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