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Best Super Bowl 2012 Commercials: Chevrolet Ticks Off Ford, Vampires Get Inadvertently Slaughtered

The New York Giants have emerged victorious over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. Casual fans tuned into the game in droves and it's a virtual certainty that the talk in offices tomorrow will focus more on the commercials than on the game itself. As always, there were a plethora of "event" ads to tickle the fancy of just about every type of viewer.

This year certainly provided a bumper crop of ads, ranging from simple cheesecake to slightly-less-simple beefcake. So basically your normal night of television viewing. Let's take a look at some of the standouts from the 2012 Super Bowl.

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Three of the standout commercials in my mind were all car ads. Chevy's post-apocalyptic Silverado ad was good for a couple of cheap gags and sometimes that's all you need. Some people might get rankled by the petty jab at Ford, but I'm all for it. More jabs at competing companies, all the time, I say!

Hyundai's "Gonna Fly Now" ad. You know what sports fans love? Rocky. You know what non-sports fans love? Rocky IV. This commercial splits the difference and presents the iconic movie theme in a cute little package. Can't-miss proposition.

Audi's "Vampire Party" was horrifying in its casual mass slaying of the seemingly-benign undead. My only real gripe with this commercial was that not a single vampire in this entire ad said, "BLEAH!" Not even once! How simple would it have been? Geez, Audi.

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