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UFC 143 Results: Would A Nick Diaz Victory Have Been Better For The Organization And PPV Buys?

At UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit on Saturday, Carlos Condit took home the Interim Welterweight Championship by out-working Nick Diaz en route to a five-round unanimous decision win. It was the biggest win of his career and puts him in line for a shot to take on Georges St-Pierre for the undisputed Welterweight Championship. While it's clear that the matchup is less compelling than a potential GSP-Diaz matchup, which is better for the UFC?

Strike two. A Diaz-GSP matchup is likely better for the UFC, as well.

For one, GSP really wants to fight Diaz, for one reason or another. It's not that we have been seeing an unmotivated GSP in the octagon the last few times out, it's probably true that we've seen one that lacks the unmitigated desire to punch his opponent in the face until he stops moving. GSP hasn't had the fire in him to really take it to one of his opponents, though admittedly, he did come close to that with Josh Koscheck.

Still, it's no secret that GSP wants to hit Diaz an awful lot. That's not going to happen now. Instead, we get GSP up against a former teammate (or present?) who he has no ill-will toward. And on top of that fact, Condit likely has less of a chance to disrupt to St-Pierre than Diaz would.

The biggest point to make, however, is one of UFC growth. A Diaz-GSP fight could carry a whole pay per view card. It's a potential one million-buy event. Whether Condit presents a better stylistic matchup or Diaz has more options to get to a win, a fight between GSP and Condit won't do nearly as well. Maybe the UFC had some great buyrates for UFC 143, and since GSP will be fighting again, that fight will do well - but if the former is true, it was because of Diaz, and it means a lot of missed buys for the latter.

Just a casual observation that Diaz-GSP would have been much better for the UFC. It's even worse if Diaz decides to go through with his retirement.