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UFC 143 Results: Despite Victory, Carlos Condit Presents Less Compelling Opponent For Georges St-Pierre

Carlos Condit just can't catch a break, not even from this writer. Even though he arguably took four of the five rounds from Nick Diaz and took home the Interim Weltweight Championship at UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit on Saturday, he's not going to get a ton of credit going forward. That is to say, he'll get credit for beating Diaz and fighting a great fight when it all comes down to it, but he'll get little chance from analysts when it comes to fighting Georges St-Pierre for the undisputed title.

Even if Condit stepped up and did what many thought he couldn't do (not many predicted a Condit decision), a Diaz vs. St-Pierre matchup is still more intriguing than what we're likely to get. Condit doesn't have the wrestling chops to avoid the takedowns from GSP, and he doesn't have Diaz's jiu-jitsu ability to threaten submissions from the bottom. His circling ability and footwork got him the win over Diaz, but GSP will flick that jab out in accordance with every circle and Condit will have to adapt to a different standup style, which of course, is possible.

Diaz, on the other hand, has good takedown defense. While that's somewhat misleading because it's hard to imagine a fighter stuffing everything GSP has to throw at them, Diaz is dangerous from the bottom, even to a guy like GSP. He's also got the kind of striking game that would give GSP fits. And on top of all of this, Diaz will make the fight really interesting in interviews and the like pre-fight.

More than that, GSP wanted Diaz to win. He legitimately wants to fight Diaz and more than that, he wants to crush him. GSP wanted the UFC to give Diaz a rematch against Condit after the decision. How long has it been since GSP has legitimately had animosity towards another fighter? There was nothing there when he fought Jake Shields, and while Josh Koscheck certainly got under his skin, GSP never seemed like he wanted to be the reason for his destruction.

Condit vs. GSP is a lot more interesting now than it was a day ago, but it's probably going to have less interest and, accordingly, fewer pay per view buys than a GSP-Diaz fight would have.