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2012 Super Bowl Prop Bets: Will Bay Area Native Tom Brady Have A Big Day?

The Super Bowl features a pair of East Coast teams, but the star quarterback of the game, Tom Brady, is a native of the Bay Area's own San Mateo. Brady grew up a huge 49ers fan and was quite disappointed when he was passed over by his beloved team. He now sits on Super Bowl victory away from equaling 49ers legend Joe Montana, along with Terry Bradshaw, with his fourth ring.

As would be expected, Brady is currently the odds-on favorite at Bovada to earn MVP honors for Super Bowl XLVI. The Patriots are a 2 1/2 point favorite, and quarterbacks frequently get the MVP award, so the odds make sense. Eli Manning is right behind him at 9/4.

Brady has numerous prop bets in his name over at Bovada. Given the field turf and questionable secondaries that will be involved in the game, the over on some Brady props might not be the worst idea in the world. Bovada set numerous over/unders for Brady including 320 1/2 passing yards, 39 1/2 passing attempts, 25 1/2 completions, 42 1/2 yards for his longest completion, 2 1/2 total touchdown passes and 1/2 for total interceptions.

You can also wager on things like whether he will throw a touchdown or interception first, whether he will throw a first quarter touchdown pass or a fourth quarter touchdown pass, and of course rushing attempts and yards. The most bizarre Brady prop is whether or not Tom Brady's son will be wearing a Brady jersey if he is shown on television during the game. That's not creepy at all.