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Jeremy Lin Performance Inspired After Sleeping On Couch of Landry Fields

The New York Knicks had a big victory over the New Jersey Nets, and they had two Bay Area athletes to thank for that victory. Clearly, the lion's share of the credit goes to Jeremy Lin, as the Harvard grad from Palo Alto poured in 25 points on 10 of 19 shooting, 7 assists and 5 rebounds. It was a great performance that made up for a lackluster game by Carmelo Anthony.

But former Stanford alum Landry Fields might have had a part to play in this win too, and you'd be surprised how his impact was felt.

Fields shot 3 of 8 from the field, finishing with six points and five rebounds, but that wasn't the crucial impact that Fields had on this game.

Knicks fans are going to demand that a stipulation is included on Lin's contract that demands that Lin continues to sleep on Fields's couch week after week.

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