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Daytona 500 2012: Race Delayed Due To Rain

Heavy rain is currently falling at Daytona International speedway, delaying the start of the 54th annual Daytona 500, and could possibly push the race all the way back into the night.

“We are prepared to turn on the lights if we have to,” said Joie Chitwood, president of Daytona International Speedway.

“Once we go through our standard pre-race schedule, we will make a call if weather is still an issue, which looks likely.”

The race is officially supposed to kick off 1:29 pm. ET (10:29 PT) but it takes approximately two hours to dry the track and rain is falling like dominos with more expected ahead.

Once the race actually begins, Carl Edwards will be on the pole. Bay Area native Jeff Gordon and A.J. Allmendinger will be starting in the grid right next to one another, setting up in the 16th and 15th spot respectfully.

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