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Jeremy Lin Throws Alley Oop To Blake Griffin In Rookie-Sophomore Game [VIDEO]

Jeremy Lin is a point guard with an incredibly large following and fan base all across the world. He has the incredible story of being cut by two different teams earlier in the year before breaking onto the scene with the New York Knicks in the blink of an eye.

Blake Griffin knows how to dunk. He can do it with his left hand, his right hand, both of his hands, and even throws the ball into the basket at times. He jumps high. Higher than you.

So what happens when you combine Jeremy Lin and Blake Griffin at the 2012 Rookie-Sophomore Game? An alley oop, of course!

We have video after the page jump...

Pretty standard, but we'll take an version of LOB CITY that we can get. With more than 25 minutes left in the Rising Stars Game, I'm sure we'll see plenty more dunks.

With most of the first half now in the books, Lin has no points and just the one assist. Booo. Bust.

(Just kidding.)