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2012 NFL Combine: Cal Football Players Attending Include Mitchell Schwartz, Mychal Kendricks, Marvin Jones

There will be six California Golden Bears attending the 2012 NFL Combine. Here's a brief glimpse at all of them courtesy of Comcast Sports Net.

  • Offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz is the Cal player likely to be the guy who gets picked first, because hey, everyone needs an offensive tackle! Schwartz played mostly left tackle in college, although his natural fit on the next level is probably at the right spot.
  • Wide receiver Marvin Jones is not going to overwhelm you with speed or strength, but he has an impressive vertical and is good at catching almost every pass that's thrown to him.
  • Linebacker Mychal Kendricks is just a strong all-around defender who can play against the run and the pass. He's versatile enough to be a solid producer if he gets the chance on the next stage.
  • Defensive end Trevor Guyton had to sit on the bench while Tyson Alualu and Cameron Jordan were the main starters, but Guyton stepped up and proved he could do his part as well in a 3-4.
  • Safety Sean Cattouse struggled to satay consistent, but there's no denying his measurables and athleticism. Can he make the right decisions in reading the defense?
  • Punter Bryan Anger is one of the top guys available this year and has been an outstanding college punter throughout his career. Can he find a spot among 32?

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