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Jeremy Lin Gets Another SI Cover [PHOTO]

Jeremy Lin is entering rarefied air, because in two weeks he's been on two straight Sports Illustrated covers. That doesn't happen to even the biggest stars, as the former Palo Alto High star is making his presence felt big-time.

After the jump, see what Lin's second cover shows about his maturing superstar profile.


Lin's first cover was all about a great sports story--a player coming out of nowhere to rise to become New York's newest and most important superstar. But now Linsanity is becoming a global phenomenon, so the profile is more about how Lin could capture not just a nation of suffering Knicks fans but also how he's captured the world's attention.

Obviously it's very rare to see anyone make the cover of Sports Illustrated twice in a lifetime. Lin's done it in two weeks. What can't he do? Maybe he'll even avoid the rare SI cover double jinx!

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