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Bracketology 2012: St. Mary's, Cal Settle Into Potential Seed Possibilities

Bracketology 101 is getting closer and closer to symmetry across the various pundits.

Well, not really.

SB Nation has the St. Mary's Gaels as a no. 8 seed in the Midwest, with top seeded Missouri waiting for them in the second round if they can get past West Virginia.

SB Nation also has the California Golden Bears as a no. 8 seed in the East, far, far away from home in Pittsburgh, playing BYU in the first round. Syracuse - who would not be far away from home - would be waiting for them in Pittsburgh in the second round. No gifts given to the Bears.

ESPN's Joe Lunardi isn't making anything easy for St. Mary's. He currently has the Gaels as the no. 7 seed in the West region facing West Virginia in the first round. But awaiting them could be national powerhouse North Carolina, with Baylor and Murray St. both possible Sweet 16 games. At least the Gaels have the past to look at for guidance. Since, well, they've done this before.

Lunardi has Cal as a no. 9 seed in the Midwest playing Southern Miss. But in the second round would await top-seeded Missouri. Have fun with that one.